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Welcome to Medical Records Management System
The primary aim and work of the Medical Records Date Management Solutions is to provide a systematic documentation and assembling of “Patients” health information including the Medical history, Symptoms, Examination results, Investigation results, Treatment methods, Drug Usage, Follow up therapy and “ALL” other health services received by the patient. The MRDMS Organizes and Manages the patient’s health information data by ensuring its Quality, Accuracy, Accessibility, Usability and Security.
The MRDMS introducing a new method of security called Biometric Secure Identification (BSI). This application builds a new confidence and new era in the patient health information service with high end security and accuracy. Besides these it is building the bridge and connections among the various medical, health and other medical related departments for the benefit of the patient.
One of the Greatest Features of our MRDMS is a “Medical Genie”. This small and endless creature circles 360 degree and travels beyond the 360 degrees nets and connects living and non living organisms to one place called as Community Medical World
The MRDMS is committed medical portal also working for the community health as we feel the “Community” is a gross root our system and our non compromised policy is to work and preserve the “Community Health” for the benefit of the Society. Our all of these volunteer works aim to provide a better and safer health practice for the Community
All our efforts and success is dedicated to the Community.

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